marvin koala
dj | model | grafikdesigner

for booking request please contact

office alessandro incitti
c/o marvin koala
florastrasse 12 | 41539 dormagen | germany
+49 0 21 33 _ 21 50 21
everything special for special events

close to the szene. you are a organizer or event manager? we have only the specials.

our service includes many main parts of an event. we have only the specials.
dj`s & artists right from the mid of the erotic and electronic club szene | music sound systems with full service | dancers | light systems with full service | offset print in every quality and size | digital printing and lamination | layouting and grafikdesign | models and singers | catering and bars to rent | limousine service | dj`s and live acts | event catering | event organization | special services and arrangements | photo shootings under license of professional artists and many more.

we ensure you abselutely discretion.

make your choice.